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SeeSpeak Upgrade Sept 2017


A recent Skype up has left SeeSpeak users unable to sign in to Skype. When you enter your Skype username and password you see the error message 'Unable to connect to Skype: You cannot be signed in at this time. Please check your network settings and try again'.

The following describes how to update the SeeSpeak tablet to fix this issue. Three files need to be downloaded and installed from the server. The first is an update to SeeSpeak itself. Once this is installed, SeeSpeak will then download and install updates to Skype and the Android operating system.

  1. Turn on the SeeSpeak tablet and you will see the following screen:
  2. Wait for 24 hours for the SeeSpeak software update to automatically download and install. During this time, make sure the device is plugged in to the charger and do not touch the screen. If you touch the screen while the download is in progress, download might be interrupted and you will have to wait for another 24 hours. Some users will know that there is a 'Check for software updates now' option on the settings menu. Unfortunately due to a design oversight, this feature is not available until after you have signed into Skype, and so is not accessible at this point.  
  3. When the SeeSpeak update has been downloaded and installed, you will seen the following screen: 

    Notice that the Set Up window now has a third button ' Check for Software Updates'. If you have waited 24 hrs  and you still do not see this new 'Set Up' window, turn the tablet off and back on again. To turn the device off, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to make sure it is completely powered down. 
  4. On the new Set Up window, click the 'Check for Software Updates' button. You will see an 'Downloading Skype' message while the Skype update downloads and installs. This will be followed by a 'downloading play services' message as the third update downloads and installs.
  5. When the udpates have finished downloading. You will be returned to the window as above.
  6. Restart the device (hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off completely). 
  7. At the 'Set up - Please sign in to Skype' window, press OK to take yo to the Skype sign in window
  8. After you have signed in to Skype, at the Skype home screen, click the options icon in the top left hand corner:

  9. Click on Settings:
  10. Make sure 'Save my password' is off. This is needed for if you were to ever want to sign out of Skype and sign back in as a different user, 
  11. Sometimes Skype doesn't copy the contacts the tablet properly. To trigger a Skype to refresh the contacts on the tablet, toggle the 'Copy to phone book' setting off and back on. To do this, first tap on 'Copy to phone book':

    Tap 'Don't Copy Copy Contacts' , followed by OK.
    Tap on 'Copy to phone book' setting again, and this time tap 'Copy Contacts' option, followed by OK
  12. The Skype settings screen will now look like this:

  13. Tap the home button in the navigation bar to take you back to the SeeSpeak home screen. SeeSpeak should now be ready to use.
  14. To confirm that the table is fully up to date, long press on the SeeSpeak settings icon and press 'About'. You should see the following versions:
    SeeSpeak - 1.21
    Play Services: 11.5.09


If Seespeak freezes at any point, or you encounter a blank screen, turn the device off and back on again. This should take you to the 'Set Up - Please sign in to Skype' screen. Press the 'Check for Software Updates'. If tablet has been fully updated, you will get three windows saying that each of the components is up to date and there is nothing to do. After you have pressed 'OK' to each of these, you will see a blank screen. Briefly press the power button to turn the screen off and press it again to turn the screen back on and you will see the 'Please Sign in to Skype' window again. Press 'OK' to sign into Skype.